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The Explicit Imprints On Us Inside And Out - Part 2 Body Image Damage

Despite the prevalence of sexual objectification and its negative effects on women, the impact of pornography consumption on body dissatisfaction in women remains a subject of debate. Studies have produced mixed results on this issue, with some indicating that women who consume pornography exhibit lower body image and heightened body monitoring, while others suggest no correlation between pornography use and body dissatisfaction in women. Other studies suggest that women who view pornography report lower body image and criticism from their partners (Albright, 2008). Consequently, this has a profound effect on women's perception of their bodies, contributing to feelings of inadequacy and insecurity.

Surprisingly there is research that has discovered that male adolescents who consume pornography report greater body dissatisfaction than their female counterparts (Peter & Valkenburg, 2014). In addition, both men and women who view pornography tend to experience heightened body-related concerns during intimate moments (Wiederman, 2000).

In addition, research has shown that women who perceive their partners as consumers of pornography exhibit symptoms of eating disorders, such as body fat preoccupation, extreme guilt related to eating, and purging behavior after eating (Tylka & Calogero, 2019). This suggests that pornography use may be linked to body dissatisfaction and related mental health concerns in women.

Overall, these findings highlight a clear relationship between pornography and body image that negatively affect us all in one way or another whether it be body image or mental health. The need for more research in this area is clear. By raising awareness and promoting abstinence from pornography, we can work towards a more respecting, emotionally intelligent and equitable society.


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