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No matter how long one has been addicted or how severe their addictive behaviors might be, full and lasting recovery is possible. 

Praying over the Holy Bible

For recovery from both addiction and betrayal trauma, many people find a religious approach particularly effective. For this reason, many of the resources we gather are religious in nature. 



Truple is a software geared towards families wanting to help keep each other more accountable while prioritizing security and ease of use. Some of the highlights are that it works with all types of Social Media, is nearly impossible to bypass (will even alert when incognito/private browsers are being used), screenshots are sent over with one of the highest security encryptions available, uses minimal device resources like battery/ram/data. Truple doesn't just blur itself but allows you to blur or redact what details you want to help maintain privacy and protect your accountability partner, and works with over 8,000 banking sites to keep your information safe. They are also a top-rated app on android with 4.7 stars currently.

Fortify Logo

Fortify is a free mobile application available on the Google Play Store and the App Store that provides personal accountability and training. Fortify allows a user to develop a strategy, track their progress, and stay motivated in the fight against pornography. Using founded scientific research, this app helps anyone who is willing to diligently work to overcome pornography addiction.

It also has some extra features available for a small fee.

Covenant Eyes Logo

Covenant Eyes is a software used by many companies, churches, schools, families, and individuals worldwide. It is not a filter, but an accountability agent. Covenant Eyes uses the latest technology, including artificial intelligence, to silently monitor device activity and notify accountability partners of any suspicious content via messages with blurred screenshots of suspected content. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so this software is worth trying out.


Chairs ready for group therapy session.

There are various programs that help people recover from addiction. Some are spiritually focused while others focus more on behavior. In some cases, combinations of these various programs assist in addiction recovery. 

LDS Family Services Addiction Recovery Program Cover

ARP, created and sponsored by Family Services of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is a free 12-step program combining the Alcoholics Anonymous' 12 steps and principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. ARP has produced a unique recovery workbook and facilitates group recovery meetings. While this program can be applied for any type of addiction, ARP facilitates meetings specifically for pornography addiction, known as

Pornography Addiction Support Groups (PASG). All meetings are anonymous, and men and women have separate support groups.

One unique benefit to this program is that it was produced in conjunction with the Spousal and Family Support Guide, a program for those who have been affected by the addictions of their loved ones.  

Learn more about the Addiction Recovery Program or find a meeting.

sex-addicts-anonymous cover

SAA is a free program focusing on the 12-steps. As it is not sponsored by a specific church or faith, it focuses on the aid of a Higher Power in the recovery process but does not define the identity of this Higher Power. This program heavily involves restoring spirituality during the recovery process. Learn more about Sex Addicts Anonymous or find a meeting.

S.A. Lifeline Foundation Cover

S.A. Lifeline provides resources to assist in both addiction and betrayal trauma recovery. They follow the 12-step model and focus on the healing that Jesus Christ provides. They offer free addiction recovery meetings for men and betrayal trauma recovery meetings for women.

They also offer paid courses for more focused aid in addiction recovery and betrayal trauma recovery.

Learn more about S.A. Lifeline or find a meeting.

Life Changing Services Cover

Life Changing Services provides addiction recovery courses for young men, young women, and adult men and women. These paid courses are geared toward members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but people of any faith are welcome to benefit from them as well. Though their courses are paid, they do provide some free resources. 

Learn more about Life Changing Services.

Life Star logo

LifeStar Network is a professional therapy provider that specializes in pornography and sex addiction recovery and family healing. They work to train qualified therapists to deal with the unique challenges sex and pornography addicts and their families face. They provide therapy for both adults and teens. Their approach provides focuses on healing the family unit and assists with both addiction and betrayal trauma recovery.

Learn more about LifeStar Network.


He Restoresth My Soul book cover

He Restoreth My Soul, written by world-renowned neurosurgeon Donald L. Hilton Jr., provides important information to all who are seeking understanding and help relating to pornography addiction. He addresses the problem using informational research about how the use of pornography alters the brain’s chemical balance. He explores the hope for recovery and the healing process while sharing “recovery stories” that provide hope for others fighting pornography. He Restoreth My Soul is informative, helpful, and up-to-date on the subject of sex/pornography addictions.

2nd Edition Understanding Pornography and Betrayal Trauma Book Cover

Understanding Pornography Addiction and Betrayal Trauma is an excellent resource for both those struggling with addiction and those wondering how to help addicts and those hurt by addictive behavior. This resource is particularly useful for ecclesiastical leaders who are seeking extra help in their efforts to assist individuals and families harmed by pornography in their congregations. 

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