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"Make no mistake about it: the porn industry and predators want your kids. National security depends upon good intelligence – knowing who the enemies are and where they will strike"

~Kristen Jenson, Protect Young Minds


School Presentations

 Citizens for Decency teaches students how to stay safe in an online world. Our school presentations are:

  • Age-adaptable

  • Age-appropriate

  • Safety-based

  • Educational

  • Non-political

  • Energetic, entertaining & engaging

  • Religious or non-religious, depending on preference


Good Pictures Bad Pictures, by Kristen A. Jenson, is a read-aloud children’s book created to teach children what pornography is, why it’s dangerous, and how to say no. For parents unsure how to address the topic, this is a great resource that does the job for you.

This resource is provided by Protect Young Minds, an organization that helps parents and kids work together to avoid pornography addiction.


Protect Young Eyes is an organization that helps families, schools, and churches create safer environments through: 

  • Research on the latest digital trends

  • Explanations about apps and parental controls

  • Live internet safety presentations to schools and churches

Covenant Eyes is a software provider. This software, used by many companies, churches, schools, families, and individuals worldwide, is not a filter, but an accountability agent. Covenant Eyes uses the latest technology, including artificial intelligence, to monitor device activity and notify accountability partners of any suspicious content via messages with blurred screenshots of suspected content. 


Family Plans

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With help from our partners at Protect Young Minds, we're able to bring to you these digital copies of Protect Young Minds' Family Media Standards guide so that families can better develop their own standards to better protect their families from the harms of pornography.

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