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"We... have a right to urge that pornography be regulated so that children and adults alike do not have to be exposed to it against their will."

Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director of the

National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Recent Accomplishments
Citizens for Decency at DC Capital Building
  • Introduced and passed resolutions in Idaho and Arizona declaring pornography addiction a public health crisis.

  • Introduced and passed Idaho legislation requiring child- friendly internet filters at public schools and libraries and internet safety training for students and educators.

  • Assisted in lobbying on Capitol Hill to hold a Senate hearing on the prevalence of pornographic material in mobile apps available to children. Watch the resultant Senate Judiciary Committee hearing here.

Founder Craig Cobia in DC
  • Prevent the pornography industry from reaching minors.

  • Ensure the enforcement of existing laws against obscenity (hardcore pornography).

  • Prohibit minors' access to mobile applications where pornography in any form is prevalent.

  • Eradicate the distribution of recorded child abuse, commonly referred to as child pornography.

  • Eliminate access to pornographic content on public wifi & computers.

  • Nationally recognize pornography as a public health crisis. 


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Pornography: The New Tobacco
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  • Eliminate the Taboo

    • Talk about pornography and its harms fearlessly. Share the stories of those who have been harmed by it.​

  • Lift Where You Stand​

    • Look for ways to protect yourself, your family, and your community from pornography's influence.​

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