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"Make no mistake about it: the porn industry and predators want your kids. National security depends upon good intelligence – knowing who the enemies are and where they will strike"

~Kristen Jenson, Protect Young Minds


School Presentations

 Citizens for Decency teaches students how to stay safe in an online world. Our school presentations are:

  • Age-adaptable

  • Age-appropriate

  • Safety-based

  • Educational

  • Non-political

  • Energetic, entertaining & engaging

  • Religious or non-religious, depending on preference

Public Conferences
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  • YouTube
  • Instagram

We hold conferences to educate the public on the harms of pornography, how to prevent pornography addiction, how to begin recovery from addiction and betrayal trauma, and how to fight pornography's influence at a legislative level. These conferences feature world-renowned experts on the issue.

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Original Research by Citizens For Decency

The Problem of Pornography


Courtesy of Fight the New Drug


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