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Our topics include messages of hope, internet safety for teens and children, education on the issue of pornography, public advocacy, addiction prevention & recovery, and more.


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Use your talents and connections to aid in the fight against pornography! Citizens for Decency's mission advances quickly when  people like you decide to join the fight!


To host a fundraiser, please fill out this Fundraiser Host Form.


Citizens for Decency invites kids, teens, and college students to personally take the "Students for Decency" pledge. 


To invite us to your school to challenge your students to take this pledge, please fill out this

School Presentation Request Form.


Citizens for Decency often requires help from volunteers. 


Add you name to our list of available volunteers so we can enlist your help when it is needed most! 

Our Newsletter is full of educational and inspirational material, but it is also how we let you know how you can help best. 


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