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Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Pornography even causes pain in the lives of those who don't consume it. Betrayal trauma is one major form of this pain. Begin to heal the hurt.


For recovery from both addiction and betrayal trauma, many people find a religious approach particularly effective. For this reason, many of the resources we gather are religious in nature. 



There are various programs that help people recover from betrayal trauma. Some are spiritually focused while others focus more on therapy.

Most who experience betrayal trauma find healing in a combination of both. 


Support for Spouses & Families, created and sponsored by Family Services of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is a free 12-step program combining focused on principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This program and its workbook were created in conjunction with the Addiction Recovery Program (ARP). Support for Spouses and Families focuses on safety, healing, and hope.  

Learn more about Support for Spouses and Families or find a meeting.


S.A. Lifeline provides resources to assist in both addiction and betrayal trauma recovery. They follow the 12-step model and focus on the healing that Jesus Christ provides. They offer free addiction recovery meetings for men and betrayal trauma recovery meetings for women.

They also offer paid courses for more focused aid in addiction recovery and betrayal trauma recovery.

Learn more about S.A. Lifeline or find a meeting.


LifeStar Network is a professional therapy provider that specializes in pornography and sex addiction recovery and family healing. They work to train qualified therapists to deal with the unique challenges sex and pornography addicts and their families face. They provide therapy for both adults and teens. Their approach provides focuses on healing the family unit and assists with both addiction and betrayal trauma recovery.

Learn more about LifeStar Network.



Shattered Hearts, by Stacy Lynn Carroll, is a fictional story about a woman, Sarah, who uncovers her husband’s secret pornography addiction. As it hurts their family, Sarah has to learn how to trust her husband and get their family back together while also learning to have faith in a higher power. This story is a great example for women dealing with pornography addiction in their marriage. It shows women that they’re not alone while also demonstrating how to get porn out of a marriage and bring love back in.

Understanding Pornography Addiction and Betrayal Trauma is an excellent resource for both those struggling with addiction and those wondering how to help addicts and those hurt by addictive behavior. This resource is particularly useful for ecclesiastical leaders who are seeking extra help in their efforts to assist individuals and families harmed by pornography in their congregations. 

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