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The Explicit Imprints On Us Inside And Out - Part 1 Objectification

The impact of pornography on men and women is a pervasive issue that affects everyone’s body image and mental health. Regardless of biological sex, pornography leads to an increased feeling of objectification through the ever-growing presence of sexual content from the media (Peter & Valkenburg, 2014). We see it from movies to music videos and advertisements, women who are disproportionately debased by this are often portrayed solely based on their physical attributes and sexual appeal (Ward, 2016).

Dr. Monique Ward's review of 135 studies highlights the harmful effects of frequent exposure to sexualized content, including increased levels of body dissatisfaction, self-objectification, endorsement of sexist and adversarial sexual beliefs, and tolerance for sexual violence against women (Ward, 2016). Other empirical studies have been conducted, revealing that sexual objectification of women is often discovered to be also associated with lesser emotional intelligence, as a disregard and devaluation for their own feelings and thoughts become more prevalent (Loughnan, S., & Pacilli, M. G.,2014).

Moreover, research has shown that frequent exposure to sexually explicit content on online platforms - but not other forms of sexualized media - is linked to a heightened perception of women as mere sexual objects among adolescent males and females; this is especially true among adolescents. Being mindful of this issue and exploring ways to reduce the negative effects of sexual objectification by following and sharing information like this blog can greatly help the problem.


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