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Stopping Cues and Addictions

Pornography addictions have been on the rise for some time now. In 2020 during the COVID 19 pandemic pornography, views skyrocketed. “Major porn sites are receiving more than 115 million hits per day, and the number keeps increasing.” There are many factors that go into why this number is increasing, but one of the biggest ones is our generation's addiction to technology. Unlike back in the year 2000 or later we have no stopping cues. You may be asking, what are stopping cues? Stopping cues are, as Alter tells us, “a signal that tells us it’s time to move on.” For example, when you reach the end of a newspaper, you’re done; there is nothing left to read, so you put it down. With social media, youtube, and direct streaming, there aren’t stopping cues. As soon as you finish watching something the next video or episode loads and automatically plays. This automatic play makes it so hard to stop watching, to put the phone or remote down. The same concept works with pornography addiction. Like with technology, an addiction to pornography leaves us with a need for more. The good thing is, we can have addictions that aren't permanent. There is always a way to retrain our bodies back into good habits. Although technology adds to the cause, it can also fight against it. With all the different platforms available to us today, we have the chance to spread awareness of the dangers of addiction. “Obviously, technology isn’t going anywhere. But together, we can expose the reality of the industry for what it is, and make a positive change. You with us?” Citations,and%20centers%20at%20alarming%20rates. ALTER, A. (2017). IRRESISTIBLE: THE RISE OF ADDICTIVE TECHNOLOGY AND THE BUSINESS OF KEEPING US HOOKED. PENGUIN.


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