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Pornography: No Restrictions Needed

Pornography has been around for years. However, the ways to acquire it has changed over the years. It is now easier than ever for people of all ages to access pornography, as there are only a few restrictions to prevent underage viewing. Many pornography websites only ask if the viewer is at least 18-years or older, and have the yes or no options to click. All an underage user has to do is lie by clicking yes and they are granted access to the site. This is not enough of a safeguard to prevent minors from getting onto their websites.

Since COVID-19 hit, there has been a change in how children have received their education. Schools have assigned laptops and other electronic devices to students to help with online learning. But this has only made it easier for children to be online without parental restrictions. While doing their assignments, children can stop at any time to play games, google things, and read about what they are interested in. They can also easily come across a pornography site without meaning to and view that.

How can parents protect their children from easy access to pornography? One way for parents to take charge is to use parental controls on electronic devices to block specific apps and websites. Turning on browser filters like Google SafeSearch, and installing software to monitor the devices are other options. Remember that it’s not if your children will come across pornography, but when. We can do our part to safeguard our children through these precautions. For more information on how to protect your children, follow the link below.



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