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The Search to Help End Pornography Addictions

Many people fail to realize the extent of both the addictive nature and widespread usage of pornography. Amanda Stevens, a medical writer for the Gallus Medical Detox Centers wrote on their blog, “A recent analysis of Google search data across the U.S. showed that pornography is one of the top three habits Americans are trying to quit. The other two were alcohol and tobacco.”

More and more content is created, distributed, and used every day. Pornography is a topic that is advertised as normal and educational. The porn industry wants people to think pornography is normal and educational when in reality it is the opposite. The industry's push for clients is to achieve its end goal: money.

How to quit pornography is one of the most searched topics in the world. If this doesn't show how controlling it can be, what else will?! Pornography has a hold on many people worldwide and some are trying to overcome that hold. Numerous organizations that fight against pornography not only speak on the dangers and effects of the destructive force but are actively advocating ways to avoid it

NCOSE [National Center on Sexual Exploitation] is calling out to congress for action to be taken on protecting children from exposure to pornography. “Please take 30 seconds to fill out this quick action form, which calls on Congress to pass the SCREEN Act, among other child protection legislation.” The fight against pornography is real, and it’s up to us to stand our ground and face the problem rather than run away.




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