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Society is becoming more and more submissive with gentle parenting such as “you do you” mottos and the idea that we love everyone and everything that encompasses them. It makes me wonder, are we accepting things because we are too afraid to stand up for our own thoughts and ideas, or what is morally right or are we as a society that is becoming sheepish in fear of conflict? Let’s talk about pornography specifically. I recently saw a reel on social media that supports the viewing of porn. In the video, the woman is sitting in front of a computer. The words “making po*n normal” appear on the screen. She looks at the camera and says, "I let you do your own thing, let me do mine." Now to some viewers it might not be a big deal. They pause briefly then continue to scroll and forget about what they scanned over. But that’s the thing, we are becoming numb to this type of content. If we don’t agree with it we just push it aside and tell ourselves to forget about it. What happens though is the content stays out there, and in this case, suggests that pornography is normal and healthy. In reality porn is addicting and teaches how to have unhealthy intimate relationships.

Terry Crews, a famous actor and comedian, speaks out about his own porn addiction and recovery saying, “But I have to tell you this … people think it’s a willpower issue, but it’s not. It’s literally a lack-of-information issue.” After discovering the effects that porn had on his life and how it truly was taking over his every thought and free moment that he had he wanted a change. Crews continues saying, “This [porn] is a major, major problem, I literally had to go to rehab for it.”

As we take a stand and speak out about the causes and effects of serious actions we aren't belittling or judging, we are informing and potentially saving people from effects they didn’t know about.

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